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Hi everyone, it's been a while since my last post but i'm back. I've been working and studing my ass off for the ROUTE exam. I passed it today with a passing score of 790 when the pass mark is 790 to haha! Suffice to say i was delighted and amazed considering how massive and difficult the exam is. But a pass is a pass no matter the score haha. was a massive help, i paid the monthly fee but it's completely worth it in my opinion, they cover everything and have working examples of all the material to with clear explanations as to what and why things function the way they do.
I also used CBT nuggets video series but i have to say it was very brief and covered no where near as much as i thought it would.
And then there's the copious amount of knowledge out there on the internet to along with plenty of labbing.

Before starting the CCNP i read that the ROUTE exam is usually considered by most to be the hardest, with the TSHOOT being the easiest. I'm moving onto the SWITCH exam right away as i want to keep my brain going with the amount of stuff needed to get the CCNP eventually.

One query at the end to. Does passing this exam renew my CCNA by any chance as well?

Thanks everyone


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