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HI guys
I am asking about industrial cyber security i want to enter this field am from OT field and i take some self study in cyber security and i want to take the infosec institute and take the CSSA exam is that good for me some advice please .


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    Longest sentence ever.
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    cyberguypr wrote: »
    Longest sentence ever.


    To the OP: What is the OT field?
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    HAHAHA should be enter Guinness
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    operation technology
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    The best place to start would be an entry level cert like Security + as it does not have an eligibility req

    From there you can use your Security + as a waiver for some of the eligibility reqs on other certs. Also, you can go for the CASP from CompTia as well which may help out.

    Industrial security is a bit of a different beast, but from what I understand, those jobs require a lot of the same security certification's that other markets so as well.
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    No offense but... First, be prepared to communicate in a clear, rational manner so you understood. Capitalization and run on sentences will kill a career before it can take off.

    SANS Institute is one of the only paths for ICS specific training. If nothing else read the syllabus to get a feel as to what you can start with and learn yourself. See following: https://ics.sans.org/

    - b/eads
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    Also, research where ICS, SCADA, and PLCs are used, this is pretty niche, so a good start might be landing an entry level job at a place that uses these controls.
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