An Official CISSP Member! (Passed-2nd Attempt)

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Hey Guys,

I've officially received my CISSP certification this week and provisionally passed the exam on October 19th (2nd attempt). I would like to give thanks to the TechExams community as you guys definitely pointed me in the right direction as well as giving me inspiration to go for my exam. I started studying this exam last December and it took 10 months to study based on my previous employers's work schedule. But in the end I finally made it! I could post my CISSP journey but it'll come off as a novel :).

One of the biggest success factors going into the exam 2nd time around was the 3-wave pass strategy although this won't be the case for the future candidates who will be taking the CAT version. I've used the a lot of literature and exam in preparation for the exam:

Shon Harris's AIO (Went 4 domains in and stopped - too dry and way overly technical)
Eric Conrad's CISSP Study Guide and 11th Hour
The CISSP Sunflower Guide
Sybex Official CISSP Study Guide
Sybex Official CISSP Study Question Bank
Mike Chapple's CISSP Online Videos
Cybrary Kelly Handerhan's CISSP videos
BOSON CISSP Exam Simulator
CCCCure Question Bank
A part time college CISSP course (1 day a week, 3 hour course for 1 semester)

If you have any questions, let me know, thank you all!


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