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On Windows Server 2003 and 2008 I could always use 'local\username' or '.\username' and login to the local machine but on Windows Server 2016 it seems like I never could. Whenever I asked someone with more experience then myself he always insisted I had to use 'machine_name\username' but never addressed the bigger issue, i.e.: clarified this was a change that happened since 2012 or 2016 server. I tried finding some information online about some kind of change which would explain this behavior but I wasn't able to find anything, which makes me really curious and hence why I'm asking here.Does anyone know anything about this? The login attempt was over RDP. TIA!
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    I can't find any Server 2008 servers in any of my environments to test on but the way this works is when you put the . (dot) in it references the local computer. When you are RDPing in, the local computer is the computer you are RDPing from. I have seen this on my Server 2012 R2 and Server 2016 servers for sure. I'm pretty sure Server 2008 works similarly.
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    The local security policy is probably set to deny network and/or remote desktop logons to "Local Account and member of Administrators group" security identifier.
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    If you are using RDP to go to "remotecomputer" from "localcomputer" a "./username" will put in "localcomputer/username".

    If you are using a virtual console(HyperV/VMWare/Citrix) and go to "remotecomputer" from "localcomputer" a "./username" will put in "remotecomputer/username" because that device thinks you are local to it.
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