Failed 70-740 today 624/700

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Ugh I am so embarrassed and ashamed. I don't think I was as prepared as I should have been for the exam. I watched the Udemy videos they were helpful in the wide overview. I also user MesureUP in study mode. That helped quite a bit actually. I didn't feel 100% confident on the storage and VM migration questions.

Ugh was so close. Would have been nice to crest the 700.

Im trying to figure out how to recover and feel more confident and re-take the exam.


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    Don't be embarrassed. Microsoft exams are hard.

    Did you do any labbing?
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    yeah I did, plus ima sys admin. Didnt focus on Docker enough and containers. those I was lost in. Powershell im ok in. Its just a couple tripped me up then I paniced.
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    Docker and containers were a pain for me. A small percentage in the exam objectives but i saw a lot of questions when I did the exam.
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    thats the truth. most material I saw was like know what it is....but that's is about it. The exam however, KNOW how to use it!! It was covered in more depth than I expected.
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    I got burned on a 2012 R2 exam earlier in the year, not expecting to be tested much on a couple of what I considered minor feature updates, and I have been doing this for 17 years. Don't get down, it happens.

    You absolutely must know any newly introduced features backwards and forwards it seems, and not assume each topic in the blueprint will be represented equally. Knowing the GUI (on which tabs to find which settings), command line (Powershell and other) of common tasks with options, and how to think through the process flow of how certain tasks associated with a feature work are essential for the drag and drop questions of these topics.

    Preaching to the choir I know, now that you have experienced it for yourself.
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    Order the 70-740 ebook from Amazon. You might as well order the 70-741 ebook too because that is the test that most people fail.

    Read, read, read. Self test and then read some more. You can download the ISO with your Microsoft account and start tinkering.
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    Sorry to hear. What score did you get?
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    CBT Nuggets are a good resource for stuff you have no experience about...they hand hold you through labs as well.
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    I sat for 70-740 Yesterday and got the same score (624). This isn't my 1st rodeo, but it still sucks not to nail it on the first try.

    I need more studying across the board. Command line/powershell to be a big focus.

    I have been using CBT Nuggets and following along on my own Powershell R610 virtual lab.

    And am thinking about

    Retest in 7 days of so.

    Good luck
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    All I will say is book the retest now. Get it deadlined; it will keep you focused.
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