Passed CAT CISSP 26/12/17

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I provisionally passed the CISSP certification on December 26/2017.

I started studying seriously 4 weeks ago full time. I didn't use any book for my study since I preferred using videos/web resources for self-studying. Kelly's videos were the best resources I used for studying and I did some research here and there to understand some concepts. Two days before the exam, I went through the Sunflower Notes and Combined Notes for a quick revision. For practice questions I went through 75% of the Sybex questions bank.

My exam was scheduled at 10:00 and I arrive 30 mins earlier.
After signing in and taking my palm scan, the proctor took me to the testing area and I sat down to begin the test. After going through 100 questions, to my great disappointment the exam continued to questions 101. At that point I was thinking that I was not on the right track to pass the exam and took a few mins breaks before resuming. And finally at the 150th questions my exam ended. I went to take my paper thinking that I had failed and would have re-schedule another appointment. To my great surprise, the paper said that I had passed the exam. It was a huge relief.

My overall opinion on the exam is that if you know all concepts, you'll be understand what the question is asking but to answer, it requires some experience and thinking. I encountered many of the famous "choose the best answer" questions. Having a consulting background, I have been involved in Security Audit, ITGCs and ISO27001/ISO22301 implementations. This helped me a lot to answer the questions in the exam.

Good Luck for the exams.

Thank you to everyone who posted their experience studying for the exam.


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    Congrats! I took it today and did not pass. I found that I expected the test to be more like the Sybex questions and Bosons but they were more indepth. If I had known that I would have studied differently. THat said, I knew going into it that I was weak in a couple of areas but hoped that I would pass anyway but not surprised that I didn't. I also had the ISO questions and do not have any experience there. I know what I need for next time though!
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    I am thinking about going for CISSP.

    Do they give you a score at the end?

    What study material are you using?
    MCSE - Cloud Platform and Infrastructure - Oct 2017
    MCSA - Windows Server 2016 Aug 2017
    Thinking about CISSP - Hopefully next year.
    MCSE - Cloud Platform and Infrastructure
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    What study material are you using?
    MCSE - Cloud Platform and Infrastructure - Oct 2017
    MCSA - Windows Server 2016 Aug 2017
    Thinking about CISSP - Hopefully next year.
    MCSE - Cloud Platform and Infrastructure
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    I used the Sybex questions to practice too but from reading other people's posts on the forum and advice from my seniors I had a different mindset when attempting the questions.

    Someone had recommended me an iOS app for questions which kind of helped. You can try to check it out. It's called CISSP Questions bu Laurie Hocking. The questions are somehow close to the one we have in exams.

    Hope it helps you out.

    Goodluck :)
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    Bill2nice wrote: »
    What study material are you using?

    Cybrary Videos
    Youtube Videos
    Videos from my company network

    Practice questions:
    Sybex test bank
    CISSP Questions by Laurie Hocking (iOS app).

    You don't get a score after the exams ends when you pass.
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif
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