i passed cissp exam today

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i slayed the beast today. I have been studying over a year . but then focused really hard last 4 months avg 8 to 12 hrs a week studying. I orginally was going to take it last year but I decided to take the sscp exam first.

To prepare for the exam i read the following books

1. cissp dummies
2. sybex
3. 11th hour
4. cissp study guide - eric conrad
5. exam cram

I also seen these videos

1. cybrary
2. udemy class
4. cissp videos on lyndacom , linkedlearning- free trial

audio books

simple cissp from audbile - free trial
simple cissp questions audible free trial

i subscribed to skillset.com i also converted their youtube videos to mp3 so I can listen to them alll the time

I also download sharon harris mp3 files - very helpful

I found cybrary videos and mp3 files very helpful

as far as practice exam i did sybex and transcender from cybrary and exam cram online questions

It was a very hard test to study for since I found the materal boring. None of the books could keep my attention that is why I stuck with audio books and training videos.

I also made flash cards using quizlet.com

I had to take all 150 questions and to be honest none of the practice questions helped really. I just kepted studying.

I think the best advice I can give is to take the security + and sscp first. watch the cybray videos first then read each book once then concentrate on one chapter at a time. The take exams to find out your weaknesses and and make flash cards to focus on them.

The only book worth while was the sybex book and the simple cissp audio books. The sharon harris book was way too long for me to even try it.

My background is 17 years of IT experience including system & network administration. I got tired of being on call and working long weekends I am focusing on information security & complinace now .

My cets include ccna, security + , sscp, I also had msce and cna in the past.

My next goal is finish up my masters degree in info technology with a cyber security concentration at flordia tech online.

I will eventually get the CEH cause I think be interesting to get. I may go for CISM and CCSP too.

But first my master degree. I am so happy I passed.


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