Avoid studying during the first few days/weeks of a new job?

dontstopdontstop Member Posts: 579 ■■■■□□□□□□
Just started a new job and moved cities, my motivation to study is low. Is this normal? Should I just focus on the new job for the first few weeks until I settle?


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    It's a few weeks, focus on your new job, probably a million new things to learn already. They'll be less impressed if you pass a new cert in 3 weeks but aren't picking up anything at the job.
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    Which one puts money in your bank account? Focus on that one in the near-term.
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    Hard to have motivation to study when you're drinking from the fire hose at the new job. I'm on my third month at my new job and I'm still taking in a lot of info.
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    Studying 25-Dec-mid jan is always hard anyway

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    Yeah I think I'm going to follow the advice in this thread and just cool my jets for now. Thanks everyone :)
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    I took a break on my MCSE for the first few months when I switched jobs last year and it helped me focus in the short-term then I could adjust back to the long-term after I got more familiar with the new job. ;)
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    Often, when on new mandate, I put my study on pause, however I am still studying at night for relevant technology to show my interest and get better. Often this targeted study will eventually lead me to a certs or just as additionnal knowledge. Not everything you know need to be certified :)
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    Agree with others, for now focus on the new job. I however, am not that fortunate. I'm moving over to our security architecture team in the next few weeks, and they are wanting me to deal with cloud sec architecture, starting with Amazon and then Azure. So I'm actually starting on the AWS certs now to get ramped up. Thankfully I've been playing around in AWS the past year so it's not 100% new to me.
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    New challenge is always fortunate :) That's what drive me and many of us here. Perhaps I will permit you to get some cloud training in AWS or Azure...
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    I like Jocko Willink's mentality.

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