CCNA Security vs CISSP Path

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I have been working on trying to get more certs to help lead me into a role in Security. I understand that each path depends on what my interest are but I guess I'm more asking which path might get me more noticed/landing a job once it's completed. I'm considering CCENT --> CCNA Security or CSA+ --> CISSP.


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    Do you setup network equipment? If not I would do the CSA+ > CISSP route. But that would also depend if you have the required experience for the CISSP
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    If you're just starting out, the CCNA will serve you better. The CISSP is more management-oriented and targeted toward experienced security professionals.
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    According to Cisco:
    The CCNA Security validates associate-level knowledge and skills required to secure Cisco networks. With a CCNA Security certification, a network professional demonstrates the skills required to develop a security infrastructure, recognize threats and vulnerabilities to networks, and mitigate security threats.

    According to ISC2:
    The CISSP . . . way to demonstrate your knowledge, advance your career and become a member of a community of cybersecurity leaders. It shows you have all it takes to design, engineer, implement and run an information security program.

    Do you work with Cisco networks? Do you design or run an infosec program? That's what these two certs aim at. I think starting with the CCENT is a great idea and at the end of that you'll know if more CCNA is a good idea or not.

    Personally, I learned that CCNA R&S is as far as I need to go in learning Cisco. I happen to be going after CISSP in 2019; that will be my 4 year experience point having worked in security.
    A+, Network+, CCNA, LFCS,
    Security+, eJPT, CySA+, PenTest+,
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