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Anyone have any experience with this certification? My employer has agreed to pay for it, so I signed up yesterday - but just assumed I would be able to grab a decent textbook - which there doesn't seem to be a lot of . If anyone cares to recommend a book (sybex are typically my favorite) that would closely align with the goals of the LFCS (RHCA?) I'd appreciate it. I'm not new to linux, but I've never written a linux cert before. TIA!


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    No such thing as a textbook for this exam yet, unfortunately. No writing anything really either as it's 100% hands-on. My favorite reference was Sander Van Vugt's video series, which comes along with a Safari books subscription. This cert takes considerable research effort in my opinion, since the exam objectives do not closely align with the actual exam scenario questions. They do in a vague way. There is an official course available but it also does not match the exam all that well, since the course maker and the exam makers don't really collaborate.

    This disappoints me as I am a huge Linux fan and pretty much a non-Windows user, yet this is the way the Linux Foundation is doing it.
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    As yoba stated, you will have to do some additional research on your own. This is not a multiple choice test and you will be asked to configure the system with different tasks. Either you configured them or you did not. No multiple choice questions. Below is what I had to do to pass.

    Study utilities:
    The Linux Foundation LFS101 Introduction to Linux (MUST master!) FREE resrouce
    The Linux Foundation LFS201 Essentials of Linux System Administration (Also must master!) Must pay course/exam voucher bundle
    Research Virtualization (KVM)
    Research other topics on the exam syllabus. Because as stated above not everything is covered in both courses listed above.

    Best method and my recommendation, have the syllabus with you while studying and make sure you are able to check off each topic as you go through materials such as both courses LFS101, LFS201, and any online research you cover.

    It took me 4 times to pass! I was a little naive and figured as along as I mastered the LFS201 I am good. But nope, failure after failure I forced myself to understand what wasn't configuring and tried to remember the topics I was missing on the exam. Then after my test failure I would practice the ones i knew I did not configure and try again. This method went on for 4 times until I passed with an 88%.

    I learned so much with both courses regardless if I passed or did not pass. Those courses and labs are awesome in my opinion. I wish all you needed was one course and everything was in one resource, but like Yoba and myself, our experience was to research and locate topics that were on the syllabus that showed up on the test but we did not practice in the course.

    You must buy the course/exma voucher bundle. I would begin with the LFS101 Introduction. This is 25% of the LFS201 course to begin with.

    It was truly a very rewarding feeling passing this exam. To be validated on your performance as opposed to some multiple choice / luck /guessing opportunities.
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    I'm also studying for this, using RHCSA books and doing their labs as part of my preparation. But you still need some extra effort, because some exam topics, like mail aliases configuration, aren't covered in RHCSA material (or maybe I haven't reached that point in the books yeticon_scratch.gif)
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