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Ok guys I have come to a stand still career wise. I have 5 years experience doing HW and SW support over the phone and hold MCP XP, Network + and A+ certs. My current job has got me so down, basically I get a lot of abuse from customers as the company I work for don’t do a very good job at selling there extended warranties and basically lie about what they cover plus the customers I am talking to no nothing and talking them through a wireless network set up is like trying to move a pen with your mind at times. Anyhow lol... I want some kind of structure as to what path to go down, I quite like the Cisco route however I am concerned that when its all said and done I am going to have to try and get mcse, Cisco and every other cert under the sun just to be considered for another job, career wise my confidence is at a all time low. I am 25 years old and seriously thinking of leaving IT due to being in a runt job wise, can anyone please give me some direction(I know that sounds a bit lame but I am just so lost at the moment as what route to take next)..Any pointers would be great, thanks everyone.


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    Go for the MCSE and CCNA. Those certs are well respected and recognized. They will highly increase your chances of getting a higher paying and more respected job. Phone tech support for large companies sucks and you will take abuse on a daily basis.

    I am 2 exams short of my MCSE and I am also studying for CCNA. I can't stress it enough how much knowledge I have accumulated since I began my certification journey. Good luck.
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    Let me offer a little different perspective on this. First thing you need to do is sit down and do an assessment of yourself and decide what you like and don’t like. Then that will point you in what direction you may like to pursue. Don’t just jump into a bunch of certs because that’s what everyone else is doing. You may just waste your time and money. Try joining a local chapter of the IT professionals (AITP) and do some networking. Get some perspective from the local IT people and just pick their brains. Ask to visit them and so you can see what they do.
    My IT plan is not going to fit your likes. Olajuwon has his likes and personal plan, again, may not fit yours. I personally want to get certs in web mastering and networking and pursue some software development. That’s what turns my crank and hey there is good money it.
    I was an aircraft mechanic for 15 years. A safety manger for 7 years and an aircraft accident investigator for a number of years. I thought at one time I would like to be a flight engineer. Then I took a 14 hour flight across the big pound and realized that job would suck for me because I would be board out of my mind. There were several other jobs I thought I might like but after some investigation decided against them.
    I have always liked web mastering, and working on computers and have done it for 15 years as a hobbyist. Now I am working in a LAN office doing all the things I like to do.
    So my point here is try some experimenting around and see what you like before you invest too much. You may just need to change companies. The local chapter of AITP is another good place to get some motivation.
    And hay Good Luck.
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    can you speak to the fee structure of AITP?
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    Olajuwon wrote:
    I can't stress it enough how much knowledge I have accumulated since I began my certification journey. Good luck.

    Nice of you to point this out Olajuwon. People often forget or don't understand, that the sum of the knowledged gained while preparing for certs is the most important part of the entire process.

    Rockstar81. It's always been my practice to focus on updating my skills during down times or rut times. This will help keep you focused, and when something in the form of a job does come around, you'll be even more prepared skill wise than you were.
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    Ask a chapter to let you attend as a geust a couple of times, free. then you can choose if its right or not for you and still do some networking.
    If your a student the average cost is $35
    if you join as a post grad depending on how many years after up to 3 years and chapter anywhere from 50 to 95
    Professional depending on your location anywhere from 105 to 160.

    There may be other associations around the area.

    a good thing about these associations is you talk to people face to face and can pick their brains. Get ideas and suggestions about things you may never have thought of. and you get the ever important contacts. Its a place to get to know them and they get to know you. They can also help you get on the track you want.
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    cool, thanks for the information, i'll look into it. tired of going to quasi usergroup meetings for different companies that usually turn out to be one huge commercial i have to sit through.

    but, lunch is always free!

    Every man dies, not every man really lives.
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    excellent advice guys, some fantastic points raised here. Thanks again icon_lol.gif
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    First thing I can offer is get out of retail (consumer) PC work. Try and get entry level into a mid to large company. This will help your career chances a lot.

    You have enough certs and experience to start there, extra certs at this point (such as MCSE) would be in my opinion a waste and make you look like a paper MCSE as you haven't done that level of work.

    Just my 2p worth icon_wink.gif
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