CCNA Cyber Ops Renewal

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I am signed up for the Cyber Ops cohart starting in April.

I was just looking into how much it costs to renew the cert and it looks like to renew you must pass a cert of same or higher level. Is this correct?

If so are there other cisco certs that are not cisco specific?

Also do most certs require 2 exams like Cyber Ops, which I believe would cost me $300 each if not for the scholarship?


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    Can you check your link?
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    It works if you copy+paste it instead of clicking it.
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    The short answers: Any associate or greater level Cisco cert will renew your certification (so, must be 200 series or higher). There are no other certs by Cisco that are not specific to their technologies. And, yes, most require two or more certification exams, depending on the cert and the level of the cert.
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    Actually it’s any exam at the same level or does not have to be the full certification. If you get a CCNA:Cyber Ops, there are a few you could take directly at the CCNA level to renew...SP, Cloud, Industrial, DC, Collaboration, CCNA:R&S composite exam, and of course retake Cyber Ops. Others like Security, Wireless, Design... all would require you to get either a CCENT or CCNA:R&S composite first to even be able to qualify for the cert (they might let you take the exam but that would be silly).
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    I'm just doing my job, nothing personal, sorry

    xx+ certs...and I'm not counting anymore

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