Just Passed OSCP

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So, today i got email from Offensive Security that i passed the OSCP Exam. And i can't express my feeling...

Really i learned a lot during my OSCP Journey and this is the only certification course i did in my life after MCA [Post Graduation] which i did in 2013.

Soon i will write my review about my Journey



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    Congratulations! Looking forward to reading your review.
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    Grats! How many points?
  • airzeroairzero Member Posts: 126
    Congrats man! It's a great accomplishment to get this beast out of the way, welcome to the club!
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    During your PWK lab time, did you have will to give up because it was too hard?

    I'm frustrated, almost 30 days gone and I just rooted 8 machines.
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    Congratz! Any good advice regarding windows/linux privilege escalation resources (link, etc)? I find the PWK course too light on that..
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    Congrats on the pass!! Are you considering pursuing any other certs?
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    Grats! Had no doubt you would kill it, judging by the way you blew through the lab environment.
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    Hello friends, here is my answer of every question above

    No, i don't give up just only switched to other machine and then again try to solve that machine which i failed in first time. There are some machines which i solved after many many tried and many days as i regular try them after switching solving machine and then try again and again and that way i learned the techniques.

    Sometime, the answer of solving of lab machine available on pdf book itself.So read the book carefully and make notes

    Second, for links for window/linux privilege escalation are all will be available on internet. OSCP force us to research ourself.There is numerous links on internet and i also will share some links in my review soon

    Third, yes i will be try for OSCE course but not this year,next year i will try for OSCE course.

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