My 70-291 passing story.

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My 70-291 passing story. icon_lol.gif
I do not know, from where to start! I suffer a lot for this exam; first of all, I studied more than 7 months for this subject. While I was working full time, just myself with a couple of time with private tutorial. When I first, appear for this exam, I was nervous, but thanks for the second shot, it give me a little courage, I got score of 667. Unfortunately, the second shot promotion did not work for me, because "The day I come in Arabic countries I screwed up!"
Somehow, the person who set up my exam he did not enter the second shot cod, or I do not what he did, he told me it did not work, for you, you have to pay, he said, after, arguing a week or two, not to pay, but to use Second shot. Finally, I decide to pay again and get over with this exam. I paid for second time, guess what happen, it seems to me he is not familiar with the whole process, he is new, I only go weekend, after work. Only few people work, when he set up my exam, he clicked "No button" instead of "Yes" which was for the "Microsoft Policy agreement", right away in two minutes print out my report with score of 0. can you just imagine? what I have been through, I did not even sit on the chair. I was so upset, that is why I said "The day I come to Arabic countries I screwed up!" this would not happen in US or Canada. I swear to God if I punch him in his nose, and I go to jail it would be just fine that moment. Is not that too much? This time I have to fight to the end, so in front of him, I had to call to South Africa, to the, main center I believe, and explain what had happened, they told me he did it, or you did it. It would not not matter, you disagree with Microsoft Policy, it print out the 0 score, you have to wait 3 weeks, and take it again, the only thing he can help me he will try work on second shot, and after 3 weeks, I pass it with the score of 828, it was big big relief for me. …………. Ahayayayay, any way this is the passing story, you need to study inside out side for this exam, a lot of RRAS and SUS, it is 40 Q 3 Sim. I will try to forget what happened, and get ready for Security+ Exam, if I writ Security+ it will completed my MCSA, by the way is there any female member in this forum or is just me? I love this forum..........


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    Congratz on the pass!!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Well Done!! :D
    Isn't Bill such a Great Guy!!!!
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    i remain, he who remains to be....
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    Wow, I would have punched that guy too! I think there is a user "mizgirl", who I would assume is a girl. So you are not the only one, there are at least two.
    Great job on passing!
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    After all you went through, you deserve it! Congratulations! :D

    Good luck on Security+ :)
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    icon_lol.gif Way to go on the pass, and getting through a situation that was not your fault. Glad to see you got through it with flying colors. Congrats. As far as females, yes there are... I am one too.
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    Congratulations on your pass, i assume that was prometric
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    good job!!!

    crrazy story
    get back to studying!!!
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    Congrats! icon_cool.gif
    witty comment
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    This is the only place help me, to take out my frustration, thanks God it is over I wish fore every one success, this forum content a tremendous people, it is a very good idea to exchange ideas. Keep it up group…….

    Once again I thank you all of you…….

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