So how does a Doctor become a hacker and also enjoy it?

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Hello. I'm 27 and I'm a doctor, But only visiting patients doesn't satisfy me.I've been working with computers, PC and Mac, for maybe 15 years but I've never worked so much with this "Terminal" thing, other than some directory changing I guess. I'm a beginner on this IT world, I'm pretty good at working with computers, Internet, I have some python programming experience, only for fun, I've developed some console programs just to satisfy my creativity and curiosity. I have some general IT knowledge. After some research I guess I'm currently at CompTIA A+ level, although I don't have that certification either. But I believe I'm at that level right now, maybe a little more but certainly not at the level of networks, security etc!I have one goal, I love to mess with networks, servers, Internet, websites etc, I love this idea of penetration testing, hacking into things, finding the security holes, I really enjoy these kinda things, well, other (and more!) than visiting patients at 3 AM!I don't to waste time on reading unnecessary things, I've done some research and I've to the conclusion that I should be aiming first for CEH and then OSCP, I don't like theoretical stuff here, I want something practical.This is a roadmap I've designed for myself after doing some research:1 - Reading Computer Networking - A top-down approach 7th edition2 - Getting Network+3 - Getting Security+4 - Getting CEH5 - Going for OSCPI read somewhere that OSCP is way better than CEH and also more hands-on and practical than something like CISSP or other stuff.My goal is "not" to find a job, my goal is to become really knowledgable in these things, acquire a solid base and build a strong foundation in this area, get these certificates (only for myself) and do those things I told you I really enjoy (of course legally!).So my question is where and how do I start and what will be my roadmap for this in terms of things I should do, books I should read, video trainings etc?I've also heard about cisco CCNA etc, I've heard about this website and other things.I would really appreciate it if you help me.And correct me if I'm wrong at the roadmap I've designed for myself.


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    @odiwxe that is pretty interesting to read :) from doctor to an hacker. I am new to IT field. If you are looking at penetration testing I suggest you to go with eJPT from elearnsecurity. I completed CEH and it's more of theroy and pretty less practical or hands on exposure. On other hand eJPT is more practical oriented :). This is what few are following. This is just a suggestion. Path for OSCP as followed by few is as follows:--- eJPT then eCPPT and then OSCP. Hope others who are much experienced in security field will share thier view. Good luck doctor and welcome to the field of penetration testing :)
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    Hey Odiwxe, welcome to the forum. There is a lot to unpack here, both based on what you wrote and how one would respond. You may be the first case here on the forum of a "Doctor" turning towards the security/pentesting world.

    First off it seems like English is your second language? There were too many errors for a doctor, so I figured English was your second language.

    In all honesty, I would try some introductory courses (ones that have already been mentioned) before ultimately deciding that you want to leave your Doctorate practice. Obviously you are young and have plenty of time to change towards any career. However, start getting into your study path, struggle and practice with the concepts. Every career move, technology studied, will involve struggle as that is the true path way to growing and learning. The question you will face (we all face it) can we deal with the struggles of the IT field. Every career has its leaning curves, there will be some head banging moments where you just don't understand what the book or the topic is talking about.

    I would advise understand and experience some of this before you make a major change. You mentioned you hate waking up early in the morning to visit a patient here and there? Well most engineer/administrator levels of IT have to wake up in the middle of the night too, especially if the systems went down. For the security field, if you work in a blue team environment, most hackers work in the middle of the night (sorry vague generalized response here :P) . So if you are getting threat alarms in the middle of the night, its your job to wake up and start working on those incidents.

    Just giving you a very high level view of things. Others have different experiences, so gather and digest everyone's experiences here.

    Good luck!
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    Hey! Thank you so much for your answer. yes english is my second language.actually I didn't mean I'm going to leave medicine or I don't like waking up early. maybe I couldn't say it properly in English. I love being a doctor, as I said I just want to enjoy this penetration testing thing, I'm not looking for a job. It's just something I really enjoy learning about, but I do want to get that OSCP thing!
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    The roadmap looks good, however I would only get the OSCP, as all other certs are theoretical. Also good news, you are not the only doctor who fancies security. The organization "I am the Cavalry" has some hacker-doctors, who advocate for more security in healthcare. We need people who are familiar with the both the medical stuff and the security aspect, so we can make medical devices and healthcare more secure.
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    I haven't yet seen anyone become a hacker - they either already were a hacker or they will never will be. It's a bit like asking "how do I become an adventurer?". When you were young, did you wonder how your radio clock or your electric train set worked, and did you open them up to see how they worked? With sufficient study, you can become a doctor - but no amount of study will make you a hacker.
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    Honestly if aren’t going for an IT position I would screw the certs. Grab some books on hacking, make a little lab, and start plugging away. There will be way too much information you won’t use in those certs that they require people to memorize for the exams. At least the Comptia ones.

    If you don’t understand an area while going through the hacking books. Go look up that topic on YouTube or Google. I think diving right into what you’re interested in will be a lot more enjoyable for you.

    Maybe after a few books, give the OSCP a shot...
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