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Slow to get around to this but what is a good app for listening to podcasts? I am also wondering what are some good podcasts to listen to? Or what do you listen to? I've just grown tired of listening to the radio during the morning / afternoon commute. Curious what people listen to and if they find some value in it? I know this will boil down to personal interests, thought I'd ask though.


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    I use the app that comes with the iPhone. Since I'm studying for my CISSP, I'm listening to Kelly Handerhan's CISSP MP3s...

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    I've been using Podcast Addict on my Samsung. The interface isn't bad, and the ads aren't too intrusive. Plus, you can adjust the playback speed, which is very useful (I tend to listen to episodes at 1.2x the normal speed - it's more efficient, but isn't too fast to understand).

    For quite a while, I just checked out audiobooks from my local library, but I've been getting back into podcasts lately. Here are a few that I've found profitable:
    -Bruce Schneier's Crypto-Gram Security Podcast - Cybersecurity - 1x/month - could be 5 min. or 45 min. long
    -The Great Books - Discussions of classic works from western civilization - about 30 min. each
    -African Literature Podcast - self-explanatory - about 20 min. each (I studied African and Latin American literature in college, so this may not interest you as much :)
    -TED Talks Daily - "thought-provoking ideas on every subject imaginable" - I find some of these inspiring, some eye-opening, and some off the mark, but "though-provoking" is certainly an accurate description
    -The Art of Manliness - "Episodes explore how to live a life of both contemplation and action, while having some fun along the way." - I was skeptical of this one at first, but the episodes (and articles) are actually pretty good! - typically about 50 minutes long
    -The Minimalists - the authors "discuss living a meaningful life with less" - usually 1-2 hours long

    When looking for a new podcast, I'll often do a search within the podcast app for someone whose material I've enjoyed in other places (blog, book, TED Talk, etc.), such as Jorge Luis Borges (Argentine author), Jim Ferrell from the Arbinger Institute, or comedian Brian Regan. That usually leads to at least one interesting episode, and sometimes leads me to subscribing to a that podcast.

    Hope that helps!

    P. S. I'm going to check out StormCast, and I'm looking forward to others' suggestions, too!
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    I use the sticher app and spotify for my podcast.
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    I have used a few different apps over the years but always come back to Overcast. As for the Podcasts, my top listens are:

    Risky Business
    Defensive Security Podcast
    Down the Security Rabbithole
    Exploring Information Security
    Paul's Security Weekly (This one is actually several combined - he runs different episodes)
    SANS Internet Storm Center
    Security Now (Warning: These are loooooong)
    Brakeing Down Security
    Packet Pushers

    My commute is a little over an hour each way, so generally in a given week these will keep most of my commute entertaining.
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    I have been listening to these two podcasts:


    Podcast | Mike Tech Show
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    My commute varies on which day of the week it is. Which usually ends up being ~30-45 mins one way. I ended up downloading stitcher and looking at some of the ones that have been suggested! These are great! Also if anyone is interested in finance - as in early retirement discussions these guys are good: https://www.madfientist.com/podcast/
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    Other ideas (thread from a couple years.. but might give you some ideas)
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