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Passed the exam today with a score of 815 out of 900. Resources that I used for the exam were the All-In-One Server+ Book by Daniel Lachance and some topics from my Network+ book. I finished the book in 3 weeks since I have a full time & part time work then booked the exam a week later.

I recommend these certain topics to be more focused on when preparing to take the exam.
  • RAID levels: Available disk space when implementing a RAID type.
  • Difference of SAN & NAS
  • Network Ports
  • Server Form Factors
  • Hypervisor Types
  • Full, Differential, Incremental backups
  • Media Types for Server & for backups.
  • Troubleshooting Methodologies.

My exam focused a lot in these key concepts though I think it differ from a bank of questions that will be given to you. Around 30% of the questions are straight-forward and the rest are select the correct answer on a given situation. My exam also didn't have any lab simulation compared to when I took the A+ and Network+ exam, those started with like 8-10 simulation questions. I didn't find the exam to be super difficult compared to the Network+ exam which I barely passed. On deciding if it would still be worth it to get the Server+ certification, for me it is since it will renew my A+ and Network+ exam. Also my employer will reimburse me for the costs of exam and study materials that I used.

I hope this helps other test takers on considering getting the Server+ Certification and on preparing for exam.


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    Congrats! What is next in line for you?
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    Congrats!! icon_cheers.gif
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    Spiegel wrote: »
    Congrats! What is next in line for you?

    I'll probably take Security+ mid this year and hopefully get a junior position in Networking or Security side.
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    Congratulations on your passing your certification. I was wondering where there any performance based questions like the network and security+ any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I take my server + exam in three days. I don’t know why, but I’m extremely nervous.
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