Soon MCSA to be needs help wit HARDware

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hello guys
my name is shankanator, down from australia n i just joined this site.

so far the exams i have done are A+OS, Network+ , MCP 70-210, Server 70-215, and managing a network environment 70-218

all i have to do is A+ hardware and then i'm a MCSA

i wondering what i should keep in mind when im studying for this test. I have failed this test once before (March 02) so any help will be good .

im just coming of my network+ exam got 833/900 :)(Oct 31st). Got lots of experiece with computers but not particularlly hardware icon_confused.gif

icon_cool.gif Thanx icon_cool.gif


  • bellboybellboy Member Posts: 1,017
    well done on your achievements so far.

    the keys to a+ hardware are learning and hands-on. somethings can be picked up through building and repairing computers, while others need to be learned.

    irq, dma and i/o settings, i found, had to be learned like times-tables; numbers of pins on ram was picked up from experience.

    perhaps you had an off-day when you took your exam...

    take the practise questions on this site, and raise points on anything you don't understand that was marked wrong, and we will try to help.
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  • PavlovPavlov Member Posts: 264
    I agree with bellboy. The hardware test is one of memorize and regurgitate facts. What did you use to prepare for the hardware exam in March? Mike Meyers passport series of books should be enough to get you the details you need for the test. When you find it difficult to memorize stuff, call on us. You'll find there are many folks out here that are willing to help pass along a trick or two that got them through the test.
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  • shankzshankz Member Posts: 6 ■□□□□□□□□□
    my currently doin an instructor led course in mcsa. I had no technical computer experience before i began this course but as time went on i became better.

    hardware was the first module that we studied and after two weeks of studies i went for my test but failed misarably(365/1000)icon_redface.gif .

    I used the book they gave me. It wasnt good enough so i just left hardware n went on to A+OS. After 9 months of study in other areas i think im ready for hardware. I have done harder exams and if i remember the facts it will be easy.

    Thanz for all yur advice guys. I'm hoping to my exam this friday or monday by the latest.

    P.S if u guys have any tips of remembering facts such as the IRQ's etc would be useful to me and others viewing. ill also be trying to come up wit methods to remember these once in a lifetime rememberance of these numerical values icon_eek.gif . once i have ill post it on this topic

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    Passed my hardware exam

    got 787/1300

    got 26 questions. I was hoping to get like 20 questions but once i went past the magical 20 i kunckled down to make sure that i get the rest right. Took me 5 mins

    In hardware i dont think u get over a 1000. As soon as u get to the 1000 mark they start calcuating yur score.

    Im an MCSA now. All i have to do is look for a job and get industry experience icon_wink.gif

    Thanz guys who shared their comments

    P.S once u get a question wrong u get hit wit harder questions. Thank god i had alot of experience from my other exams which got me across.

    Good Luck
  • bellboybellboy Member Posts: 1,017
    well done.

    will you be seeking mcse now?
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  • shankzshankz Member Posts: 6 ■□□□□□□□□□
    haha bellboy thats funny.

    seriously i wouldnt know man. This years almost over so i dont think i can do any exams. Plus the place where my taking my instructor-led course, are also offering me an I.T diploma. I got alot of work to do in that. stuff like setting up an ISP network. i Gota document every thing that i do and plus project management. Its all hands on experience. Thats what i like about it.

    Right now thats my main goal and plus get a job. when u go for a job interview wit no experience theres like 90% chance of not getting it. Its like asking which came first the Chicken or the egg. In my case certifications or experience.

    maibe once i get a job and some cash i might start doin mcse.

    What exams do i have to do to get my mcse and which one should i do first?
    I had done 70-218 like a month ago. :p

    Thanz fellows for sharing yur comments
  • bellboybellboy Member Posts: 1,017
    the diploma sounds like a very interesting concept. there is also the fact that both it and the mcsa could earn credits towards a computing degree if you want to consider that in the future.

    as far as exams in mcse, i would suggest that you raise the point in our general microsoft forum. i haven't taken any microsoft exams yet, though my longer-term plan is to eventually complete mcsa, like yourself.
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  • RussSRussS Member Posts: 2,068 ■■■□□□□□□□
    IT Dilpoma sounds a good idea.
    I'm jealous of your training environment icon_confused.gif Where I am the idea of a MCP lab is to show us how to reinstall W2K or to set up a network with a hub icon_rolleyes.gif I would rather see remote install in action and a network with DCHP, WINS, DNS servers etc ... oh well maybe I should spend the money on a few more boxes rather than another course there?
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  • shankzshankz Member Posts: 6 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I.T Diploma sounds good. But it sounds better when its done in 6 months instead of two years.

    Setting up a home network isnt a bad idea. Actually all network administrators should do it in my opinion.

    Im someone who likes to try stuff and aint scared to do so and learn from my mistake.

    Im planning on buying some machines and setting up a network wit a central hub.

    Gives me a chance to practice what i have learnt so far.

    Hey BellBoy thanz for that tip. I was thinking about doing a Business course at uni but i wouldnt mind a bit of I.T stuff. Should shine things up a bit.
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