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So I sat the 301 when it came out, using two sources Get Certified Get Ahead 301 (read twice) and Security+ Passport, CBT Nuggets and the notes/practice tests on this site. I passed with something like 96% or there abouts in 2013. Well that cert expired I wasn't aware I could resit the test before it expired in order to renew. Believing I had to just resit it all over again I just did. Again I followed the same procedure as I did the first time got the updated Get Certified Get Ahead and Security+ 401 (read twice) and Security+ All In One, read the notes on this site, took practice tests including those in the books. All in all I seemed to be doing well and expected a fairly comfortable pass.

I got to sit the test and almost every question (without getting into specifics) was on Cryptography and a few questions on routers down to you received XXX message or error.. which command will resolve this. Others where confusing I seriously had to read and reread the questions a few times to try and understand the context as there was more than one correct answer. It was very, very heavy on acronyms I had one question on ports and protocols! One simulated question with to be honest no correct answer as the question was as confusing as the answers. I barley passed this time and felt like a good half of the test I flat out guessed at. There was only a handful of questions I felt like I covered in the books. I skimmed the books again after all was done, I checked my practice questions again including those on CompTIA's website and nothing on in those came close to what I seen on that test. That test was brutal in the sense I felt like I got all the weird odd ball questions that at times where very, very specific. Do CompTIA increase the difficulty if you've sat an earlier version of the exam.

I also wanted to ask if anyone knows why CompTIA no longer renew prior certs e.g. my GFL A+ and N+ are no longer CE just as they where.


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    Congrats on the pass!

    The GFL certs should still be good. I couldn't find any information that states otherwise. GFL were never part of CE as they don't need renewing.
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    The exam included questions like what command would resolve an issue on a router? That doesn't sound like anything I've seen in my sources for Security+.
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    Congrats on the pass
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    In my shock over the router questions, I forgot to say congrats on your pass, too. :)

    In the last couple days, I have indeed seen a couple Cisco commands in a practice test--MeasureUp, I think. Glad you were able to either guess correctly or, maybe, they were beta questions.
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    Congrats on the pass I passed the 301 back when it was active and recently passed the 401.
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    Congrats. Studying for it myself
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    Congrats on the pass. If it makes you feel any better I took the Sec + exam in November 2016 (passed on the second attempt) and just passed my CISSP exam in late March. There were many aspects of the Sec + exam that I actually thought were harder than the CISSP including the TEN performance based questions I had. Good job, your pass is well deserved.
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    Thanks, everyone. I checked with another person I know locally that sat the same test. They too just scraped by. The one thing we have in common.. we used the same test center. I sat a different exam at the same place a couple of months ago and again.. just scraped by and no more. Next time I'm going to go elsewhere. I don't know if it's bad luck or they have every test at that center set to almost certain fail but I'm not going back.
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