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Being a security analyst, I have been looking for Infosec certifications to reflect my day-to-day role. I exchanged with some colleagues and I didnt get an expected feedback for CEH. They dont really value CEH and redirected me to GCIH (which is approximately an opposite number of CEH but with SANS). Problem is the SANS certifications are out of my budget (at least £5000 from the SANS organism and my company will make me sign an certification contract i.e. if I leave the company within two years then I have to refund a part of the expenses).

Can you please give me your honest opinion of CEH? Many jobs out there require CEH certifications.

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    Two years doesn't sound too bad for a GCIH, particularly if it includes travel expenses. Maybe squeeze them for a second, lower cost cert/course materials in that same time period, like the CySA+.
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    Depends on what you want to accomplish, if you want recognition of certification, the CEH (they are making a push to be more hands on but will be just as expensive soon enough), GCIH is a wonderful course with a lot of hands on at the conference with a lot of value in the participation with others in your field. If you want to have get some skills and not break the bank, the eJPT from eLearnSecurity is a good path. Its not widely recognized but the cost is minimal with some good return as far as in what you learn and you get to do some actual hands on.
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    The CEH training is decent if you go by the book and choose a quality course. The exam alone (as of version 8.) was a joke and doesn't measure anything. Most courses teach to the exam, which makes them a joke. HR departments and recruiters love it for some reason, so having the certification might give you a resume boost.

    For a security analyst, the CompTIA CSA+/CySA+ is the new hotness. If you want the cost of CEH, with something more respected and more lined up with what you do, check it out.
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    It's a good "check-the-box" certification to get you past an HR filter. There are better certs for knowledge.
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    I keep getting negative reputation points (lol) for voicing my opinion about CEH, but I'm not going to tell you something that I don't believe in

    CEH => waste of time, waste of money

    anything from SANS is much much more well regarded. GCIH is a much better investment (although very pricey, but you get tons of value out of it). With CEH, you will get nothing.
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    Literally the worst infosec certificate to the level of almost being fraudulent. If we have an applicant in the company I work for who brandishes their CEH I typically look down on them because of that. It's a minus in my eyes, not a plus.

    Check my first hand experiences with it:

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    You guys are ridiculous. Why do you hate on CEH so much, in reality...

    Ah! How am I kidding, is sucks big time. HA!
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    You'll be a certified hacker! I couldn't even tell you what OSCP stands for off the top of my head. Don't let these haters discourage you!
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    If you want to be king of multiple choice then sure go ahead and get your CEH :p
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