Is this CCNA lab kit on Ebay a decent deal?

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Hi all,

I'm currently looking for a CCNA lab kit and found the one listed below on ebay. Would this be a good kit for CCNA R:S and then afterwards buying an ASA5505 or ASA5510 for the CCNA Security?



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    That will work, or you could use Packet Tracer and fully pass the exam and save the $$ for your Security Lab or NP studies. Packet Tracer alone is enough to pass the CCNA R/S exam, that's what I did.
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    well as usual, people buy hardware and the cisco exams are on how the ios works. They don't tell you what the ios is. why is that? probably because they want you to think your getting what you want. And, I don't know, but it probably isn't.

    3550's are so old they don't do modern security. They don't do ssh, or even ipv6. probably other stuff also.

    the routers aren't bad. but they don't say what the ios feature set is. you will need the advanced security feature set is your going to do ccna:security with them. and advanced services if want to do ipv6. not sure what shipping is, but those routers weight about 25 lbs each. add the two switches and your at 72 lbs + packaging. Don't know if that can be shipped in a single package. So, two somewhat heavy packages. That is going to cost you more.
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    For the NA - Packet Tracer is more than enough for you. I wouldn't sweat getting a physical lab for it.
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