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Hola all.

I passed my CySA+ today and wanted to give a review of sorts. This forum has been extremely helpful in my preparation for certs over the years, so its time for me to contribute.

I used several resources but did not actually fully read through the materials. I rather took different practice quizzes/ assessments in order to ascertain my weak areas and then watched videos on those areas.

I have a decent amount of security experience but have never exclusively held the job title or role of security analyst , technician, administrator etc. 4 Years Navy IT and later upon seperating 3.5 years as a DoD IT contractor (Army).

I used the videos and practice questions from the below sources via safari books:

-Total Seminars, Brent Chapman

- Sybex CySA+ book

-Cybersecurity Analyst Certification All-in-One Exam Guide

-CSA+ android app, purchased the Pro version, it was about 8 dollars I think.

-CySA+ Pearson (live lessons)

In my opinion, the Sybex and CySA+ all-in-one practice questions were more in line with the actual exam.

Without breaking NDA, I can say that I had a ton of log related questions (example, not the actual wording...) after reviewing this log what action was performed or what attack is taking place)

I would also recommend knowing what an actual example of SQL injection or XSS looks like if analyzing html or JavaScript. I would also recommend knowing how to analyze nmap scan results.

Great exam in my humble opinion. I hope this review is helpful ☺


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    Congrats on passing the CySA+. How much time do you think you spent studying? I plan on taking it at the end of July.
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    Thank you. I would say around 30 hours give or take. I took the PenTest+ in late April. There was a decent amount of overlap. Especially with Nmap.
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    Congratulations! I plan on taking the CySA+ exam soon too. :)
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    Congratulations on your pass!!
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    Congratulations! I'm planning to take CySA+ too after eJPT. Nice shared!
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