1 day to go!!!

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i studied hard as hell and passed my core exams!! now after a few weeks break i have the os exams!!! only havin 4 days(since im lazy as hell to study) i decided to get serious!! assuming that im doomed, i do a few a practice test and i find the questions kind of easy!! i actually find it a lil easier than the core!!(and im a couch patato with no workin experience in the tech world or even much experience in pc's!!!)!!! but every one tells me that this exam is suppose to be harder than the core!! i know im being a lil over confident for this exam so i just want to know if there is any topic that shud be looked at with more intention than others? is networking a large part of exam?? wat topics consist most of this exam??? please reply!! got 1 day to go!!! i have to know!!!


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    Take a look through the A+ forum. And look for the A+ objectives on the Comptia website.
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    I thought that OS was easier...but it all depends on the person. Overall, I thought A+ was an easy exam but I have also been fooling with computers since around 1981 (Bought a Commodore VIC-20 back then!!!) icon_cool.gif

    You'll hear different stories and such, but like I said, it all depends on the person.

    Good Luck! :D
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    Lol..I too am taking the test tomorrow and am a couch potato...wish you luck..but i heard it wasnt that hard..
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    lol wel i decided to postpone the test till friday since i found i didnt know plenty stuff!!! good luck though!!!
  • slkslk Member Posts: 11 ■□□□□□□□□□
    hell yes i passed!!! only got 584 though, but for someone to study only 4 days with no IT experience, and pass really is a miracle!!! thank u GOD!!!!
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