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Hi I am new to this forum, I have just taken the CISSP cbt today and failed. I studied for around 6 months and attended week long course. I read Shon H 7th edition and took the tests from the book and got good results. However, I found the practice questions were nothing like the exam. I intend to take the test again as I know it can be passed however, I am looking for some advice of the prep for the exam


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    How long do people take before taking resist? Is it the same cost again?
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    The retake period is after 30 days if you failed once, and if you failed twice, you will be able to write the exam after 90 days. The exam fee is fixed so you will be paying 700 USD for each attempt.
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    thanks DZA, I feel quite bad about failing the exam, as I had studied hard, with shon Harris AIO 7th ed, plus lots of testing. However, I don't feel anything I did in the prep helped with the way thw question are written in the CBT. I want to take test ASAP but need to change my mindset as I was expecting lots of tech stuff but need look answering question from senior mangers point of view. Any advice would be great as this sucker is not beating me.
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    The Shon Harris book has great material, but is VERY in-depth and can be overwhelming. I also used the Sybex book, and the 11th Hour. I didn't watch many videos, but I did download the Cybrary mp3's that are hosted by Kelly Handerhan, which is free. For practice tests, I used Total Tester, Sybex online, CCCure, and Boson. I felt the Total Tester were the most accurate as far as difficulty level. However, no amount of practice tests will adequately prepare you for the real exam unless you focus on the holistic view of answering the questions. You've already taken the test once, so you should have a basic "feel" for what you need to do next time. Don't focus on the answers themselves; focus on the principles and theory.
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    If you were expecting lots of tech stuff your certainly went in a little misguided, as you realized. I have an important question that may play a role here: what is your expertise in the security space?
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    thanks PCTechlinc, good advice just wished I had found this forum before taking the first exam. Hi cybetguypr I have 15 yrs IT network / security plus manger of IT teams.
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    I have come to realize that the below statement is true according to Dr. Eric Cole of SANS Institute:

    To pass CISSP exam:

    60% is Knowledge of the CISSP concepts.
    30% is Analytical
    10% is Test taking strategy.

    I will respectfully suggest you do a review based on the above before your second attempt at the exam. Best of luck.
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    I agree with PCTechLinc that using additional resources like the Sybex box and practice exams will definitely help with your 2nd attempt. I personally used the Sybex book and their online testing engine when studying for the CISSP exam. I also read 11th Hour book as a refresher before I sat for the exam. This forum helped me a lot during my journey. Good luck!
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    PCTechLinc especially on the Cybrary MP3 and videos. Kelly does a good job of giving you the right mindset for the exam.
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    Thank you all for your advice, I think I will order Sybex 8th ed, plus 11th hour and watch cybary. I will keep you posted and let you know how I am getting on.
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    Bad luck but plenty of people don't pass straightaway so don't be too hard on yourself!

    "To pass CISSP exam:
    60% is Knowledge of the CISSP concepts.
    30% is Analytical
    10% is Test taking strategy."

    Not sure I agree with the above though. What exactly is the analytical part supposed to be? There is no analytical requirement from any of the preparation or exam that I did. Unless you refer to 'analyzing the question' which is part of the test taking strategy/tactics anyway.
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    Just don’t give up. I just got it at my third try. Don’t rush into taking it again. Go over the domains you missed but do not forget the other ones.
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