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I am curious, how have people been studying for the hardware exam? I took a course which wasn't bad, not the best instructor led course. We followed the A+ Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC, Fifth Edition Enhanced, by Jean Andrews. I don't have alot of experience and we didn't do a lot of hands on. Anyhow I have a a old computer plus a brand new one and I need to get back into studying again. I tried doing the exam last week and missed it by 2 questions.

Anyway any feedback or methods that people have been using I would really like to hear.


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    The exam involves a lot of memorization, but make sure that you indeed understand what you are memorizing, not just blindly memorizing it. Try applying what you know to real-life concepts. Above all else, make sure you use multiple sources, as well as the Technotes on this web site. You'll ace it.

    Good luck!
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    Download a copy of CompTIA's objectives on CORE and practice on as much different hardware as you can.
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    I have the same exact book your using, only mines 2nd edition icon_sad.gif
    So I dont know if its going to be enough to pass me. But I would suggest reading various books. Read more than just one A+ Core book. Different books cover different things that maybe other books you've read dident mention.

    This is just the advise my computer repair teacher gives us. read read read!!! :)
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