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Its been a while since I studied for a CompTIA exam and I see a lot of post about these Cram books do you guys find them useful? I'm hoping to take and pass the exam in a months time.
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    Personally the Mike Meyer's videos and book I found to be the best.
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    I see Cram books as mostly supplemental review. For CISSP, I mainly used Sybex and All-in-One, but I used 11th Hour and ExamCram to review the main points.

    If you know most of the content, one month should be fine. I studied for CISSP in two months and passed, so Network+ should be "easy" in my opinion. Only reason it would be difficult is if you're brand new to networking.
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    Hi CLM,
    I have not used Network+ Cram book. However, I used Security+ Cram book, which I don't really like it. It is fully of words , with repeated information (it seems like authors just write without reviewing others' writing). The book does not provide 'enough' pictures and diagrams.

    As for Network+, I used only Mike Myers book and do practice tests by Jason Dion on, it's $10. The lab in the practice test is very similar to what I have in real exam. It sounds like I am advertising for the Mike and Jason but I'm not, just sharing how I prepared for Network+. Making decision belongs to the reader :)

    Hope this helps.
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    Just feedback between the Exam Cram and the Jason Dion Class on udemy you can definitely Pass the 007 Exam
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    Don't know much about cram books. I practice with what ever questions I can find online.
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