Passed the SYO-501 recently

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I just barely squeaked by the SYO-501 (needed a 750 and got a 753) but that had to do with me barely studying for it more than the difficulty of the test. To give a little background, I completed my Network+ back in May and my A+ a few months before it. Quite a bit of the material in the Security+ has already been discussed in the A+ and Net+ but just with more detail in the Sec+. If you follow the recommended path, I think by the time you get to Security+, you'll have a better understanding of the concepts and an easier time picking things up. I just recommend adequate study time. I only gave it about 2 1/2 weeks. A solid month (2 hours a day) would have been better. My background in electronics has an IT bleed in that allowed me to pick up the information a bit better than someone fresh to the information, also. I shortchanged my study time for both the A+ and Network+ and passed those but I still wish I gave them more study time.

As for study materials, I used TestOut for study and uCertify for practice tests. I'm a student at WGU so I have access to both. They prefer you to use uCertify, but if you ask, they'll give you access to TestOut. I highly recommend TestOut. For one, the test didn't ask me any questions that TestOut didn't cover, material wise. Also, you get quite a bit of hands on practice with TestOut that you wouldn't normally get. Their simulators are pretty good. The only reason I used uCertify for practice tests was because I wanted to see how well TestOut would prepare me for the actual test and I figured a good measure would be to use practice tests from a different source than study material. As I said before, I think Testout did an adequate job. The only fault was with the amount of time I devoted to studying. 2 hours per day for a month should get you through the study material and a week or so with practice tests should prepare you for the exam. Of course, there are variables (background, distractions, etc.).

Anyways, I hope my input helps someone looking for information about the SYO-501 and study materials.


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    Congrats!! :)
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    Congrats for your achievement. I just passed my Network+ and starting Security+ now. Which book would you recommend?
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    2sppandey wrote: »
    Congrats for your achievement. I just passed my Network+ and starting Security+ now. Which book would you recommend?

    Congrats on passing the Nework+. The Network+ materials cover a significant portion of the Security+ so you should absorb the material much easier than not having done the Network+.

    I can't give you an honest opinion of what book to use. I used TestOut to prep for the course.
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    Congrats, sir. icon_cheers.gif
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    Congratulations! :)
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