Linux+ Beta XK1-004 Just Released

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New Linux+ beta exam released! Currently going to WGU so this cert is already part of my curriculum so it'd be pointless if I attempted it but for the rest of the community take a look. My understanding is this is only one exam as opposed to the regular LX0-103 and LX0-104 which breaks it in half.
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    Interesting it's only $50. Is that normal for beta exams?
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    Booked for 22 Sept
    I'm just doing my job, nothing personal, sorry

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    Note that earning this Linux+ certification will not make you eligible to receive the LPIC-1 certification just by passing the former.
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    bjpeter wrote: »
    Note that earning this Linux+ certification will not make you eligible to receive the LPIC-1 certification just by passing the former.

    Do you mean it won't make you eligible until you get the exam results in April 2019 or at all? Do you have a link to an article or something that says that?
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    The new Linux+ is not eligible any “two-for-one” offers with other organizations.
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    Having Linux+, LPIC-1, and whatever the SUSE one was all on the same resume seems to me like a bunch of padding and fluff that would be better left off. Maybe if you have no work experience or other certs and you need something to fill in the blank white space I suppose. I never understood how "three-for-one" is of any benefit.

    I suspect maybe it came from the LPIC originally having a high degree of recognition that you'd get for free as part of the Linux+ deal years ago, though I doubt any HR departments know the difference beyond RHCSA and Linux+ nowadays.
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    Agreed. I signed up for this beta.

    Just my opinion, but I dont believe that LPIC is esteemed as much as it was in years past. Maybe im wrong.
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