CCSA R80 - passed!

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Passed the CCSA R80 exam this morning! I failed the first time by 10 points icon_redface.gif

I took the course from an authorized training center about 3 months ago that my employer paid for. I used the manual and the labs from that as most of my study material. If you have some Check Point experience, I believe you could use several of the admin guides to pass the exam. I have about 9 month, every day hands on Check Point experience for reference. Some of the CCSA course material is directly from some of the administrative guides.

This is a helpful resource for self study:

This study guide is going to be your best friend. It covers almost ALL of the topics you might see on the exam:

I also used CBT Nuggets R80 video course, which I did find very helpful when I didn't feel like reading. It also has hands on labs associated with the course.


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    that is awesome. congrats on the pass. I am seeing a growing need for Checkpoint certified professionals. This will increase your value for sure.
    just trying to keep it all in perspective!
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    Congrats on the pass! Thank you for sharing resources that will be helpful. I used CBT Nuggets for CompTIA training and I am glad to hear that the courses are equally as good for Check Point.

    I'm sorry it took two attempts to get this one, but you must feel relieved now that you've beaten it the second time!
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    Hi All,Anybody have CBT Nuggets R80 video, please share..
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    online UniNets is also a good platform to get study materials. You can try this.
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