Passed CISM, CISA with 3 days of prep each

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First of all, this is not something I recommend. If you have time, definitely take that time to prep more. Unfortunately, I didn't have much of that, but by the grace of Gods (I'm Indian, we worship several :)), I passed. Here are a little more details.

About Me

I'm a security consultant with 13+ years of experience in risk and security. I have worked in the Big 4 and currently part of the group leadership at a boutique. I have also helped develop and implement a security strategy at a successful startup (unfortunately, I was a contractor and didn't get that big equity everyone associates with successful startups icon_sad.gif). I'm also the proud, elated and somewhat tired father of a 1.5-years old and a 5-month old. While my wife takes on the major portion of childcare and home care, it's not easy studying with both my kids crying in unison icon_rolleyes.gif. And of course, weekends are dedicated to them.


- This I got in 2016. In my opinion, one of the hardest certifications and the only one I wasn't sure of passing after pressing the Submit button. I studied for 3 weeks for this exam. I have taken a few tough exams - PMP, ITIL Intermediates, Salesforce Admin & Dev - and this was definitely the toughest. I used most of the allotted exam time. The only prep material was the official textbook.

CISM - This was the easiest of the security certification exams I have taken till date. Pretty much the default answer is "aligned to business". I studied for 3 days. I used Cybrary. I did purchase the book (reimbursed by employer), but it was oh so boring! I just used it to practice the questions. I completed the test in 2 hours.

CISA - Difficulty would be midway between CISSP and CISM, but leaning more towards the latter. I studied for 3 days again. Cybrary was my material of choice, supplemented by the questions database that my employer paid for. I completed the test in 1 hour 40 mins.

I think getting the CISSP first definitely helped with the CISM and CISA. Best of luck to all those attempting these certifications!icon_thumright.gif


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