Newbie Saying Hi! - Just Started Studying Server+

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Just joined the forum so thought I'd create my first post and say, hi!

Yesterday I became the proud owner of the McGraw-Hill CompTIA Server+ Exam Guide! I've just completed reading the 1st chapter which is an introduction to the rest of the book and I've already made plenty of notes including a few new things that I've never come across in my career. :)

I got my A+ (and an MCP) nearly 20 years ago and have just been learning 'on-the-job' ever since! I think it's time to move on from my current place of work so time to get some certification under my belt icon_cool.gif I'm starting with the Server+ and plan to then go on to do Cloud+

I just need to get cracking, do some practice questions and then bite the bullet and find somewhere in the UK to buy the exam from. :D


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    Welcome! You've come to the right place for any assistance - or inspiration - in your studies. I think anyone working professionally in IT benefits greatly by continually studying. And studying with a goal in mind, like a degree or certification helps.

    I took Server+ long ago when it first came out. I really wondered if the certification wouldn't be retired over time, but I'm glad to see it's still around. I took it after I moved into a role where I was still doing desktop support, but had started doing some basic server administration. I thought the study was instrumental in my later job move into a full-time server administration role.

    One point, while Server+ is not a continuing education, or "CE", certification where you have to maintain CEs every three years, when you take Cloud+ it will be a CE certification. The main point to remember, in case your current A+ is a CE cert, that Cloud+ CEs are maintained separately from what would be A+ CEs, and the allowed CE topics for each certification are generally different. So, once you take Cloud+ you could be doing a whole different track of CEs to maintain the cert, unlike CEs for A+,N+, Sec+, CySA+, Pentest+, and CASP which will allow you maintain the CE track of the highest level cert to renew the lower levels. I have up to CySA+ as well as Cloud+ myself, so I have to handle the two different CE tracks as well. I do wish CompTIA would do some type of combo for Cloud+ to help reduce some of that effort. But be aware.

    Again, Welcome!
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