Passed ITIL Foundations

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Passed ITIL exam on 10/12/18. I used and recommend the following resource: Good luck :)


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    Congrats!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats! I am watching this video too... Soon ITIL.
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    Great job! I am starting the same videos.
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    Congrats! I started videos yesterday and scheduled my exam for Monday.
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    I also just passed today 37/40 on PeopleCert, official results pending.

    I paid for another Udemy ITIL foundation video course by that trainer, but ended up I relied on the "ITIL Foundation All-in-One Exam Guide" exclusively despite that being not very "official" study material, rather than learning from the Udemy videos for the exam. The main issue I had with the use of videos for consuming certification content, especially for something as definition-laden as ITIL, is that I found myself customarily having to go back and revise the definitions. Videos may be fine to watch from start to finish, but I found I easily forgot something covered earlier as I progressed through the videos. It is a pain to navigate to specific points in a video, let alone some earlier videos. You can't do a global search to locate that specific mention of definition buried in those numerous videos. And unlike ebooks, you can't annotate for easily revisiting specific chunks of wisdom later. So either you need to back up with some other book in hand, otherwise you need to prepare some study notes yourself while watching the videos. Not bad in the spirit of learning experience - I believe it may help retention, but just inconvenient and time-consuming.

    Nevertheless, I think the delivery of that trainer was actually pretty good for the price. It was just that it is not the optimal delivery approach for me.

    As said, I relied on the ebook version of the text, adding annotations and notes along the way on first pass which took like a month or so. Then I finished a second pass in 2 full days just before the exam day, focusing on the annotations previously added but still read mostly the entire book.

    I just came here and this is the first time I learned of Claire's book that has pretty positive acclaim. Even though already passed the exam, might revisit that later as needed if I need to refresh my memory later.
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    Congratulations cbkihong, and thanks for sharing the useful feedback.
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