AWS no longer requires prerequisites

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"In the past, we required you to pass an Associate or Foundational level exam before pursuing a Professional or Specialty certification. We listened to our customers, and heard you wanted more flexibility, so we are eliminating these requirements. You are no longer required to have an Associate certification before pursuing a Professional certification, and you are no longer required to hold a Foundational or Associate certification before pursuing Specialty certification."



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    I'm sure big enterprise customers that had moved to AWS were complaining about the training costs for 100's-1000's of their people to run them through the associate certs first. Reminds me of when Cisco decided not to force cert candidates to get the Routing/Switching cert before the specialty certs for the same reason.
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    I always hated this model, it always smelled like more money. Good for AWS, IMO going about this the right way.
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    Thanks for sharing sounds interesting!
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    Works for me. I wouldn't want to take all of those exams :)
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    There are some changes coming up with proctoring of the exams. My guess is, that they lifted the prerequisites to make this (technically) easier on their own end. I got some info on an AWS internal event about that, but can't share those for probably obvious reasons. If I'm right, the changes I mentioned should pop up in 2-4 weeks - they would not be related to the exam contents though, just on how you do them and making it easier for many folks.

    Let's see and wait.

    BTW: many enterprises I know are fully aware of the Associate exams being quite easy to self-study for and the usual suspects like I attribute a good drop in training requests to that fact. That's why I think the change is unrelated to this.
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