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I'm trying to share my C drive on server 2003 but I don't have a sharing tab and there is no Sharing & Security button when I right click on the C drive. I have made sure that File & Printer Sharing wizard is enabled. Does anyone a possible cause or solution to this problem?


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    Hmm...I remember reading about this, but I'm not quite sure, I believe this had something to do with Simple File sharing....or was that only XP?? Sorry, wish I could be of more help...
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    Are you logged in as someone with permission to view/administer those items?

    NTFS partition? (that would explain lack of security tab)
    File & Print Sharing enabled on the interface (check the interface itself, I don't always trust wizards) That would explain lack of sharing tab but not lack of security tab.

    From cursory examination, simple file sharing does't seem to exist on 2003. It is a potential issue for XP though.
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    If file and print sharing is not enabled there will be no sharing tab.

    From memory if the service is turned on in TCP/IP settings then there should be some sort of info on the properties tab - once you enable that the sharing tab should be available.
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