Failed ICND1 :(

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Hi. So I failed my ICND1 exam last week. 803/900 (Passing is 830). I'm re-testing in November, but I'm nervous. I feel like these exams have so many questions that come from left field; little details that I didn't study. At this point, I think taking many more practice exams will be more beneficial than reading through my CCNA book again. I've been using MeasureUp, but how does anyone feel about paying another $100 for the Boson practice exams as well? I would have less than a couple weeks to use it, if I do purchase their exam software.



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    You should have gotten a printout after your exam that shows you what percentage you got in the different sections. Study up on the areas you didn't do well in. Really ask yourself do you know and understand the topics? Could you explain it to someone else and feel comfortable? If you know the technology you should be able to pass the exam saying that Cisco exams can be badly written, also try and eliminate one or two of the options in the multiple choice questions and narrow it down, what you have left will give you the answer.
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    I look at it this way, why put in $100 for a practice exam when you could be putting that towards another attempt at the test. Which the test in and of itself is the best practice exam there is. I would personally save the $100 and use it towards another attempt.

    When I took the ICND1, I failed my first attempt also just because I was extremely nervous and had never taken a cert exam before but just went back and studied and passed two weeks later after reviewing my weak points. As long as you're driven and determined you'll pass. Just review what you didn't do well in and go back and knock it out in a couple weeks. I would suggest also not waiting too long, as the material will still be fresh in your mind from the first attempt. Good Luck!!!
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    Looks like your score was really close and now you know what to expect.

    I have heard good things about the boson tests but I have to agree with cabowabo the real test is the best practice you can get. Don't be afraid to fail just be persistent and you will pass it.

    Good Luck!
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    yea, I would take it much sooner than November, you've seem to rather close, don't wait. Good Luck.
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    Don't give up! Look at your performance in each section and find where you need to improve at. Also make sure you review the official exam topics before test day, if any of the topics are a bit cloudy, look into them so you understand them.
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    There's excellent advice in the above replies, IMO.

    Took me 3 times to pass the ICND1. What really helped push me over the top was:

    1. Using the post-exam printout to focus my studies, and

    2. Labbing a lot. I had certain commands, etc. down pat from my work experience, but there were some that I never use at work, so using labs to practice those commands really helped.

    Best of luck!
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    I passed! 878/900

    Thanks for all the advice. It helped a lot.
  • NetStudent89NetStudent89 Member Posts: 8 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I passed! 878/900

    Thanks for all the advice. It helped a lot.

    I mean 878/1000
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    I passed! 878/900

    Thanks for all the advice. It helped a lot.

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    Congrats! You've earned it!
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    icon_thumright.gif Well Done mate! Another milestone for you. Keep climbing the IT Pyramid.
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    Hey, you don't have to spend a lot for this. I think what you need is a reliable source. I passed CCNA without spending a lot. The book is okay but, you need to apply what you studied. So, I guess practice test will be better. Oh and by the way, I made a time table. I tried searching some websites and practice blogs. However, there was this one site that helped me a lot. https://www.examtopics<dot>com/ You might want to check it out. They have so many questions and they are very similar in the exam. I saved a lot of time but got a good score. I don't think I can do that if not because of this website. I hope you pass and let us know what happens! Good luck!
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    Boston will definitely put you over the top. It will allow you to find your week areas and study to sure those week areas up.
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    Good job in passing! Well earned and many respects for not quitting after failing.  
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    Boson is very pricey and isn't necessary for passing any Cisco exam, but if you are able to spare the money on their products it is definitely worth it.  I've found their practice exams to be consistently more difficult than the real ones.  From my experience if you pass a Boson exam you can be pretty sure you will have no trouble with the actual exam.
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