If you weren't in IT, what would be your career?

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I've always been into computers so IT naturally ended up being the career choice for me, but I have 2 other passions. I wanted to be a pro gamer for a long time and played competitively (DDR and Fighting games), but if you're not the best, you're not going to make any money so it wasn't a good long term career goal for me. I've also always been fascinated with insects (especially ants) and wanted to be an entomologist, but I thought it would've been too hard to make into a career. I didn't even know how to get started and figured I would've probably had to be in school for many years before I could even get a job working in that field (and I've always hated school).

If I wasn't in IT, I think I would've tried being an entomologist as my 2nd choice or a pro gamer as my third. Both seem fun, but I'd have a much more stable career with studying insects then with gaming.
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