Any Rainbow 6 Siege fans here?

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It’s the only game that I play. Been following the series since Rogue Spear in 1999.


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    I actually just started to get into it. I'm level 35 I think and hover in high bronze low silver currently. I'd love for any tips if you're high ranked. The biggest issue right now is learning the maps.
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    I've played the game religiously for the first season. It did get a bit repetitive after a while though. For anyone that's into Counter Strike style games... check it out, it's pretty good.
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    I'm 245 but for some reason I can't explain, I have never played ranked. I did Terrorist Hunt forever and just started doing Casual like 3 months ago. I do agree that it gets a bit repetitive. I can neither confirm nor deny that I sometimes join games and just troll the heck out of them.  My favorite one is being the last man standing, rushing towards bomb or hostage, and then blowing myself up. Hearing the "What the heck man, and you are level 245?" is extremely satisfying  :smiley:

    There are maps like Villa that I just can never remember what is where. 
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    I am in R6 Siege too, add me at "TK-1000". Pls give me an intro though...
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    Yesssir, I play on PS4 (CEH9684).  Been spending most my time (which isn't much lol) on Red Dead Redemption 2 though recently.
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    PS4 my son and I play.  CrushingCores.  Send us an invite.  I'm horrible......    He's actually pretty good.
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    Cool! What rank are you two?
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    Hi I think I need to strat playing this game. 
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