Worth it?

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Debating whether to go for this Exam to renew my CCNA certs or just take CCDA exam?
I already support a production data center infrastructure at work.


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    on one hand the ccda is a single exam.  The ccna:dc is two.  so cost wise the ccda costs less.

    doing the ccna:dc at the very least prove that you have the skills and the certification to back it up.  the exams will probably add to your knowledge and expertise.  making you more valuable to this employer or your next employer.

    so, in my opinion, it is save a little now, or make a lot more later.
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    go for something new & different...you already know the ccna stuff, right?  Go for some Linux, Microsoft, or some AWS...change it up

    "It's not good when it's done, it's done when it's good" ~ Danny Carey
  • jdancerjdancer Posts: 482Member ■■■■□□□□□□
    Already have various other vendor certs. Just looking to pass a Cisco exam(s) to renew my current ones to reset the expiration date to another 3 years.
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    Could always take the first of the two CCNA data center exams now, then do something else for like a year or so, then take part 2. Really stretch the renewal date out that way. This is assuming that taking CCNA data center part one renews CCNA R&S.

    When I passed CCNA CyberOps part one, it renewed my CCNA R&S from that date for 3  more years.
    2017: GCIH | LFCS
    2018: CySA+ | PenTest+ |CCNA CyberOps
    2019: VHL 20 boxes
    2020: OSCP eCPPT OSCP eCPPT (a bit undecided)
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