Passed Network+ today!!

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So, I passed my Network+ exam with a score of 770. 3 months of intense studying and taking practice tests finally paid off. For those of you that are wondering, I used the following study resources:

Professor Messer's Network+ videos
"Network+ Guide to Networks" textbook co-authored by Jill West and Jean Andrews
Jason Dion's 5 Network+ exams and simulations pack on Udemy - these practice tests were significantly harder than the real thing, just letting everyone know.

Anyone that is looking to take the Network+ soon, here are some pointers from my experience:
- Know your protocols and their port numbers. I got quite a few of these questions.
- Memorize your wireless standards (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) and your wired connections + standards (Ethernet, Fiber optic).
- Network security is emphasized quite a bit. Know the different kinds of threats to a network (i.e. social engineering) and how to mitigate those threats.
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    Surprised there are not comments here but I'll be happy to be the first to say CONGRATS!

    Also took me about 3 months to study for this as well. There is definitely a wealth of information to cover so it is by no means a test you can pass easily (unless you're experienced) without some effort. What is your next goal?
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    Congrats on passing the test!
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    Thanks guys! My next goal is the Security+. Hoping to earn that cert within the next 6 months.
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    Congrats on Net+.

    Security+ is definitely a different beast. It's not an entry level cert, but I believe an essential cert for IT.  With the same study practices you used on Net+, you should be fine. Good luck!
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    Nice!! congrad!!
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    Congrats! Just picked up Meyers all in one N10-007 study guide for starters. Figured I've been pushing it back all these years while I took several Comptia and Microsoft exams. After an intense 3 round session of interviews, was just offered a network and systems tech job, so this is a perfect time to start diving into this material.

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    Domm362, what were your scores you were getting n JD Practice exams? im scoring 70-80% and find they're hard
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    @bowmatty I was scoring roughly the same as you. I found that some of the questions were poorly worded and had some vague answers, but overall an excellent preparation tool and made the real thing feel not nearly as unbearable.
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    @Domm362, with scoring similar scores on JD did you practice elsewhere or just book the actual exam?

    Sorry for the questions im just nervous about booking the exam haha
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    @bowmatty no need to be sorry! What I will tell you is that if you can score 80% or higher on the Jason Dion practice tests, you'll be ready for the real exam. I found those tests to be more difficult than the actual test. I would also recommend Professor Messer's weekly Network+ pop quizzes; I also used those as practice material, and in my opinion are closest to what the real test will look like.

    Best of luck!!
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