Unsure if I am ready

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As the title of this post says, I'm unsure if I am ready for the test. So far I have read the Gibson book and did all the practice exams on it, scoring about 70-75%. I also purchased his app and went through all of the material, watched all of Messer videos, took a course in college on information security which covered the 401 material, did many practice exams that I found online and other resources. I also use a tool from TestEngine to simulate the real exam and I can seem to score least a 70% on it. Did the Army skill port and measureup training. I am currently watching Mike Meyers videos on Udemy, once I complete that, I will schedule my exam. Thoughts?


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    The current version of the test is 501 and the objectives are a lot different then 401. Most of the time the a new version of the test is mostly the same with a few updates, but there were a lot of differences this time (probably because they moved some of the material to CySA+).

    I'd say the best way to know if you're prepared is to go through the entire exam objective list item by item and make sure you have a solid understanding of everything. Comptia is pretty good at giving you a full list of their exam objectives. I believe in you, but I'd study a little more before taking the exam. Study until your getting 95+% on those practice exams.

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    keep studying, why waste money on an exam if you are not ready.  no brainer!
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    Thanks for the advice guys, I'm currently deployed out here in the middle east, and my supervisor is sending me to a security + course, once I complete this course, I believe I will take a shot at it!
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