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So, curious about elevating my status in life. 

I've been rolling the idea around of an MBA vs a Masters in IS. Does anyone have any other input on how these degrees benefit you in the future? Growth would be best described as:

1. Leadership roles - stepping away from frontline support, leading and guiding. 
2. Promotion opportunities (not salary but, adding depth, projects, etc.)
3. Salary growth for the long-term. What would give the best return?

Being a leader in an organization, at a higher level, I know both of these have considerations for their case, but has anyone see/felt a difference in one over the other? The MBA is most certainly business focused, which my background is in accounting already. 


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    If you can't decide, you could always get an MBA with an IT concentration. lol
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    lol I thought about that, too. Why not have your cake and eat it to, eh?

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    I have the same goals as you, and for leadership and stepping up, I went with an on campus part-time MBA. Get to the best (highest ranked) possible MBA you can get to, it'll pay off big time. 
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    I went with both.  Although I have a ridiculous amount of student loan debt, I believe it was well worth it for me.  My current salary agreement is directly attributable to my education choices.
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    If you have an IT-related undergrad/background, I'd say go for the MBA. If you have a business-related undergrad/background, I'd say go for the MSIS.
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