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Hello to all,
     I wanted to start studying for the CISSP.  I'm looking for opinions on my work history meeting the requirements for the CISSP. 
     I need five years of work experience in a form of security to meet the requirement.

My stats:
Security+ - credit for 1 year.
2 years working in cybersecurity  for the federal government - I'm assuming I get 2 years credit    
1 year system administrator for the federal government. Typical tier 2 support, resolving security threats and system admin support - Not sure if I meet the requirements.
7 years as system administrator for tribal government, 500 users and 6 locations.  I was the primary tech for servers and security - Not sure if I meet the requirements.

Thanks for time and input.  I tried to keep it short.


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    Not sure you will find many onions here :D  but I can give you my opinion. As long as you can tie your experience to the CISSP domains, and the work was done paid full time, it would qualify for the 5 years experience requirement. Look at the duties and if they align, you would be good to go. Of course, ISC2 has final say.

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    System administration can mean different things. (Did you work on GPOs, create security policies, patched vulnerabilities etc) We can speculate as to what your job duties were.. but I would suggest reading in detail about the 8 CISSP domains and tailor your resume to the security functions that were performed.
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    System admins can control system access, permissions. Sometimes, policies, cybersecurity awareness, GPO's, patching, system hardening, malware mitigation, antivirus work, etc.. A lot of times, you do meet the requirements as a system admin. 

    Not sure on your specific duties, but with your brief overview, it definitely looks likely that it will be enough. 
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    If I were you, I'd apply based on that experience.
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