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For anyone that's interested, humble bundle is running a cybersecurity "Hacking for the Holidays" book bundle. It includes the highly recommended "Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking" by Georgia Weidman. All for only $15.00! Wanted to share with anyone that was interested. I guess it's time to start studying for the OSCP...  I can't post the link, but do a search for Humble Bundle and look for the book bundle by No Starch Press.


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    That is a good bundle.  I am thinking about using Georgia's book as the primary study guide for the CompTIA Pentest+ exam.  She is supposed to be updating it, hopefully, that will be done soon.
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    Secure yourself another group! We've collaborated with Wiley for the up and coming age of cybersecurity book pack. Get titles like Advanced Penetration Testing, Investigating Cryptocurrencies, The Shellcoder's Handbook, The Art of Memory Forensics, and then some.
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