2 weeks to CCNP Route Exam...

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Hi all, 

Just wanted to know how others went about there final 2 weeks prep for the ccnp route exam.

Ive been through the OCG cert guides with various videos and loads of labbing.

Im currently going through the **** Butts route bootcamp, studying a routing protocol a day with labbing after.

In the final week i will use the boson practise exam to find out if im ready for the exam or if I need to postpone.

Was hoping if people could crtique my mplan and share there experiences.



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    I have not taken a CCNP level exam yet but I like to take the practice tests a little earlier. One great thing about practice tests is they make you think about how the content is going to be asked as a question. By taking them a few weeks earlier you can use that knowledge in your final study plan.

    Everyone is a little different. I don't personally like to study the day before an exam. I usually keep that day open for relaxing. I figure after two months of study if I don't know it yet i'm probably not gonna learn it the night before.

    Other people like to do a quick review of everything just so the topics are fresh in their head.

    Good Luck!
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    Sounds like a good plan. Route isn't an easy exam, try your hardest but remember you can take it again and again until you pass. Don't stress out over it!

    Good luck!!
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    Thanks for the info guys, Ill probably postpone it by a week and start doing practise tests a week earlier
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    I recommend reading the official exam topics and see if your study materials cover all the topics.  If they don’t, then spend time researching and studying those topics not covered by your study materials.
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