Starting new job monday after six months being unemployed

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I'll be starting Monday as a full time employee (no more contracts!) tier 2 desktop support position. I was told I'm also going to be working with the network as well because I have my CCNA. The potential for job growth is here at my new company and I haven't even started!

It was very hard being out of work six months. I wasn't going to settle for a job I didn't want or another contract position that was too short. I guess I'm posting this to encourage others in similar positions that you will get there! What helped me keep my eye on the prize is that I always tried for a minimum of one physical interview a week and better yet ideally two or even more. That would be my advice to anyone out of work. You put in volume with applications and work on getting more than 1 interview a week. Keeping busy and working toward the goal will keep your spirits up.



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