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I just got my Security+ and I want to start on my next certification.  Either would work well for my career.  I was wondering which would be more valuable if I changed jobs and which is easier?  If you have any other info on might help make my decision.  Thanks


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    I would go after RHCSA and/or AWS Associate Solutions Architect unless there was a free CompTIA voucher floating about. Been deep in the help wanted ads and have never seen any ad looking for Linux+ cert.  If you work in a RedHat/CentOS shop then it makes even more sense to go for the RHCSA. 
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    Very few of the "+" certs are sought after by tech employers. These certs provide a really good structure for learning the material (networking, Linux, Cloud, computer components, etc.), but you don't need to actually take the cert exams to get the most benefit from the cert.

    What area of IT security do you want to work in? Cloud, networking, policy, risk management, operations, general InfoSec, etc.?
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    Cloud+ is a waste of time IMHO. Nobody ask for it, at this level they want a specific product certification, either AWS, Azure or VMware certs, not something general as Cloud+.

    I did Linux+ 14 years ago, it helped me start my career. However, if I had the same decision, I would go to either to LPI or Red Hat for Linux certification. 
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    I agree with the above, A vendor specific certification is better unless your getting them for free.

    I find your lack of Cloud Security Disturbing!!!!!!!!!
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    I see you have your A+ and your Sec+ ... surprised you're not considering the Net+ since you seem focused on the base skills right now.

    But if not then agree with what others have said about vendor-specific certs instead of either the Linux+ or Cloud+.
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    I've never found the + certifications to be worth much.  Of course there are one off's like security + for government jobs or A+ for tech support, but usually I try to steer clear and go for the hot vendor certifications.  CCNA, AWS, MCSE, RHCE Etc........

    Like Steve L stated I got the trifecta years ago.....   I wish I would of focused on one certification like the CCNA, MCSA or something like that back then, ~10 years ago.......

    Just the CCNA alone has helped evolve friends and co workers careers from my circle.  
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    It all depend on where you are in your career... less than 4-5 years. a Comptia A+, Network+, Sec+ or even Cloud+ can be beneficial.. More than 5 years of exp you need vendor-specific certs. 
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    The current version of Linux+ that also gets you LPIC-1 is totally worth it. One of the best certs I've taken. 
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