Best way to put independent consulting on resume

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Good Afternoon Everybody,

I was laid off earlier this month and I picked up some independent consulting work while I am job hunting. How would you guys handle this in terms of the resume? I am doing the similar consulting that I was doing before I was laid off. I mention it in my cover letter, but I was wondering if I should enter this into my resume and on LinkedIn.

I am planning on continuing this after I land a full time job as well.


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    Are you using a business name? If so it's much easier to do it. 
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    I would mention it, but like Daniel stated it'll be an easier sell if you have a name registered with the state you consult in and I would form an LLC unless you are working for a consulting company already who assumes all that.  You mentioned independent so I'm going to assume you are out there selling your services using one of those tech sites.  I personally think this is a better use of time than certing up, not to say you can't do both. 
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    Just repeating what is said above when i wanted to switch fields I started a LLC and work different Gigs or jobs in the field i wanted to do and boom i ha experience and no gaps in employment. 
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    I am actually doing 1099 work for a small MSP.

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