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I've taken my 901 exam twice but to no avail. I am looking for a different way of studying for this exam so I can finally pass it. I know a lot of people claim the following:
Professor Meyers Videos

I've used these before in the pass but obviously these weren't enough. I've brought the book by Mike Meyers and read it from cover to cover. It was a lot of great information. I was even considering going through each chapter, taking notes regarding to the exam and studying it to the point that I know backwards and forwards. I think the issue I am encountering by just studying practice exams is that I am only learn how to answer THOSE special questions. The exam will ask the same question but in a different way and even try to trick you. By taking notes and studying, it is probably take me a lot longer then I would.

Am I missing a proper way of studying over the exams or any other tips to study?



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    I know what you mean. I have practiced on those exams and when I go in to take the exam the questions are different every time it's never the same no matter how much you study it is either you know the answer or you dont. It is difficult exam with different scenario based questions
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    Did you go over your exam printout to see what your weak areas are? For A+, I always recommend flashcards, quizlet for example. 

    It's one of those exams where you just have to memorize certain things. No may around it.
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    Have you done any form of practical study? I noticed you listed a lot of theory and video methods, but if this is your first IT exam or you're just getting int the field, practicing the content is going to be very valuable.

    Buy an old computer. Learn how to disassemble it and put it back together. Know all the components. Install a base OS with software and drivers. Configure some basic settings such as networking and firewalls, folder permissions, printer sharing etc. You can also try and 'break' a few things and figure out how to fix it. Troubleshooting will be essential in your 902 exam.

    I would suggest looking over the CompTIA A+ exam objectives and use it as a checklist. Review one section, know it fully, cross it off and move on. I did this for my Net+ and Sec+ and it helped me a lot. If you don't know something; read, watch, practice in that order.

    Tips for the exam:
    - Get a good night sleep and don't study on the day of the exam. Keep your mind clear and focused.
    - If you've chosen an answer, leave it and move on. Don't change your answer unless you are 100%. I found that a lot of my answers I changed were originally correct. Your gut instinct is a good tool.
    - Leave any simulation questions until the end as these take the most amount of time to complete.
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