Any recent CGEIT Exam Takers?

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I'm within about a month of feeling ready to take the exam and thought I'd see if anyone has taken it recently as I'm curious on where it ranks one anyone's estimated difficulty scale in comparison with my CISSP, CISM, and recent CRISC exams?

I've tried to read the official CGEIT review manual a few times but it's pretty tough sledding (very, very dry and disjointed imo) so now I'm focusing on learning the concepts from the Q&A Review manual and planning on going through the free Cobit material on the ISACA website in detail in the coming weeks.

Any feedback on other areas to focus, materials available or your experience with the exam difficulty is much appreciated!


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    I'm sure that @kaiju has a thread going for CGEIT as well and that he can chime in on it.  
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    I have the manual and the QA&E. Since the QA&E isn't available online I am making my own test engine so I can gauge my weak areas and then supplement it with COBIT and other material. I will most likely take my CGEIT at the end of next month. I have already read the manual a couple times but creating the test engine has been slow and tedious process. ISACA, like most other cert makers, loves to clump several clauses together or use double negatives in a sentence. It takes a lot of self control to NOT correct those issues while making the test engine. 
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  • tjkobertjkober CISSP, CISM, CRISC, passed CGEIT in progress of applying for certificate Registered Users Posts: 4 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I took and passed the exam on Friday.  Compared to all my other certifications I found the questions much more straightforward and I easily finished in about 2 hours.  I skimmed through the official certification guide 3 times to get a feel for the content and went through the Q&A guide probably 6 times.  I feel I was way over prepared which is where I like to be of course.  Hope you all have the same results, good luck!
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    Congrats! I will take mine next month. lately I have been too busy to devout study time to CGEIT.
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    I just passed cism and now looking for either cisa or cgeit. 

    Which one is less difficult? Planning to take one within 2 months. 

    otw to CISM
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