Passed AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - March 2019

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Just back from the exam center and my first AWS cert under the belt.
AWS CCP is a foundation exam covering a high level skim over the top of the various AWS services. As a head of a technical department it gave me the information I needed to have a conversation with a client and not get lost in the AWS terminology.

Steps Completed:
  • Linked a AWS certification A/C to my existing Amazon a/c (free)
  • Subscribed to the AWS CCP training series (free) - watched the series, took pages of bullet point notes
  • Downloaded the recommended study guides and studied them - Overview, Pricing Overview, TCO, Exam Guide (free)
  • Scheduled the exam through AWS\PSI ($100)
  • Bought the Whizlabs CCP Exams (3 x 65Q) and ensured strong passing grades (see image below) ($15)

All in all about 20-30 hours of effort & $115 cost, the exam was straightforward, very much a knowledge based exam as against a "try and catch you out" exam. I also read through the ACloudGuru and Linux Academy CCP forums for additional exam guidance and feedback.
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    Yeah, I have recently added my Amazon account to my AWS acct too...I also added the Cloud Prac & the SysOps...I will be starting it later in the month.  Congrats!
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    I find your lack of Cloud Security Disturbing!!!!!!!!!
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    Nicely done. Thanks for sharing.
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    Congrats mate, I have started week ago - currently studying through Simplelearn and AWS site. Very interesting subject CLOUD - love it. GShock any other tips? Thanks
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    Hi, hit the PDF's really hard and understand the terminology - best of luck!
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